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Design / Build

Whether you're planning a new building or adding an addition to an existing facility, Speedwell Construction is your partner for successful commercial projects delivered on time and on budget. From blueprints to final construction, our full-service design / build services optimize cost savings, increase efficiency and eliminate hurdles along the way.

Our experienced team of design professionals, estimators and project managers are here to help with every aspect of your project from start to finish including:

  • Site Analysis
  • Space Planning & Layout
  • Building Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Conceptual Budget Analysis
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Value Engineering
  • Schedule Management

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We believe the time and effort we put into our process always pays big dividends, laying the groundwork for a successful project, delivered on time and on budget.

Our Process

We Listen to YOUR Needs

We believe the first step to any successful project is understanding our clients' needs. That's why we take the time to listen carefully, to ensure your needs are met, first and foremost.

The Complete Picture

Our team looks at your project from a builder's point of view, using a big-picture perspective to direct the design process. In this way, we eliminate costly, time-draining delays in the design phase of the project. This approach also incorporates efficient schedule management, resulting in cost-effective, efficient construction.

Quality Is In the Details

While we value our "big picture" approach to design and project management, we recognize that quality results depend on getting the details right. From completing design plans to acquiring permits, choosing subcontractors, handling purchase orders and coordinating the construction schedule, we're always focused on the details to ensure quality results on every project.

Advanced Technology

We utilize sophisticated building information management software from REVIT to build your project in a "virtual world". This allows us to provide a complete 360-degree walk-through of your building, so you can really "see" it and make any changes before construction begins. This also allows us to perform an analysis of all mechanical systems, lighting and electrical systems to prevent conflicts that can impact scheduling and inflate project costs down the road.

Planning a new building or renovation project?

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